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Do you wish know Illustrator of photoshop

Know more information on Illustrator

Adobe illustrator is a vector graphics creation software. It is part of the adobe range, can be used independently or in addition to photoshop, and offers powerful vector imaging tools. Vector images are made up of curves generated by mathematical formulas.

One of the main tools in illustrator is the “pen” which allows you to draw perfect looking curves by placing anchor points and tangents that will change the curvature. One of the advantages of vector photos is that they are independent of resolution, i.e. they do not lose quality when enlarged.



Suitable for the creation of paper documents as well as illustrations for the Internet (logos, posters, etc.) this application is oriented towards the professional market, it includes many options to improve productivity. Today in illustrator.

Tomorrow before your eyes. Use the reference vector illustration application for all your creations, from visuals for the Internet including mobile devices to logos, icons, editorial illustrations and packaging design through billboards.

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of illustrator for computer and ipad.

Drawings. Logos. Text. Everything is flexible. Drawings. Logos. Text. Everything is modular.

Transform the silhouette with colors into logos and icons. Create typography, draw freehand, vectorize illustrations and change their colors. Because Illustrator is all about vectors, your illustrations stay sharp even when you enlarge them to the maximum.

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